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Wellness at Work Ltd True relaxation and health comes from being pain free throughout the body. We provide deep tissue and Myofascial treatments for releasing old injuries or speeding recovery of new ones. Our staff would be delighted to help you become better informed about your choice of health solutions.

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TV Coverage
See what Top rating current affairs show Close Up had to say.


A break-through skin treatment?
It seems incredible, but an Auckland man claims a small stone can reduce scars people have had for years.
Friday June 19, 2009


Close Up's response to burns stone
Close Up responds to the claim a stone can help reduce the appearance of burn scars.
Monday June 22, 2009


SCARSAWAY® Sold around the world as one of the fastest and most effective scar reduction treatments ever developed. Scarsaway© is effective for the treatment of dermal scars caused by a wide range of conditions including surgery acne and burns.

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SCARSAWAY® It’s all in the name


Bodywall™  Rapid Rehabilitation and High                     performance sports training


Bodywall ™. Getting fit and losing weight doesn’t have to be boring. With Bodywall it’s fun and you burn calories rapidly. Train as a couple, train with your kids, or train on your own. Bodywall offers gentle assisted stretching through to high performance weight and sports specific training.

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Brad Smeele - Wakeboarder

Check out what Brad Smeele (Wakeboarder) had to say about his first time using the Bodywall on the Mountaindew website.

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Bodytool™ Specialist Massage Tools


Bodytool™ Deep Tissue Myofascial Release  Tools. Sold world wide under the Stone Age Tools brand. Bodytool™ is great for sore shoulders and OOS and Reflexology treatments.

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